Mug Designs

Since making my friend a hand drawn mug design in April, I have been inspired to create several mug and glassware designs.

I intend to make mugs that make you feel warm, cozy and content. Something that makes you smile when you are having a rough start to the morning or feeling grateful at the end of the day.

I will soon be launching an Etsy shop and will keep you all informed, but for now I will share with you some of my L Lakes designs. You can also search them on Instagram using the hashtag #LLakes for my most recent designs.


Please click on a photo to scroll through my gallery, comment with your favourite designs!


4 thoughts on “Mug Designs

  1. Passionate

    I am so impressed with your creativity and hope you get to share your mugs with as many people as possible. You might need to open an online store. Welcome to WordPress!


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  3. Frank McKinney

    Hi, my name is Frank McKinney and I work for the Beaches edition of snapd. May I make an appointment to come and see you about some designs and captions I have that I think would be in compatible with what you do.

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