Let’s have Tea with the Bride to Be

One of my besties is getting married this September so naturally we threw her a beautiful bridal shower. Her two maid of honors spearheaded the food and decor for a tea party inspired shower that was out of a wedding magazine.

The shower took place in a church that was renovated into a home so it was quite beautiful with the open concept design and natural lighting.

As you can see by the images, the attention to detail made the tea party theme come alive. The maid of honors outdid themselves by baking the macaroons for the first time the morning of the shower (incredible!), hand dipped strawberries in pastel coloured chocolate, and personalizing tea bag inspired shortbread cookies with tags for the bride and groom.

The final touches: fascinators and straw hats which helped to transport the theme to an English countryside.DSC_4496DSC_4511DSC_4512DSC_4521DSC_4528DSC_4530DSC_4539DSC_4543DSC_4552DSC_4578DSC_4565



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