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4 Step DIY Succulent Terrarium

Okay so if there is one thing to know about me right now, it is that I am OBSESSED with succulents!

They are adorable, come in several shapes and sizes and also happen to be pretty hard to kill (an added bonus). So I thought to myself, how can I fill my life with more succulents? Well this is where my quick DIY comes in.


  • succulents (1-3 depending on your bowl size)
  • glass fish bowl
  • rocks (or seashells!)

Step 1: Gather your 3 supplies, whether that may be from your local farmers market, dollar store or your own backyard. I was able to score these beautiful succulents from a local farmers market, but I have also seen them available at local grocery stores and flower shops. You can easily find a glass fish bowl, or any kind of glass vase shape that you prefer from a dollar store or department store. A bag of rocks can be found in mother nature the dollar store.


Step 2: Fill up your glass bowl or vase with your rocks. Save 6-8 rocks that you would like to decorate around the succulent.


Step 3: Gently pull out your succulent from the container and pour remaining soil on top of rocks. Place and position your succulent(s) until you smile 🙂


Step 4: Decorate the top soil layer with your remaining rocks, et voila you have an adorable succulent terrarium!