Top 12 Adventurous Instagrammers

If you read my very first blog post, you will know that I am a big fan of Instagram (my IG laurenmarie_mac). I love how when done right, it is a visual source of imagery that captures exciting and inspirational moments within someone’s life. A photograph has the ability to capture a moment that someone deems to be worth preserving, whether that may be beautifully arranged fresh flowers, a sparkling lake or the local culture of a foreign country. There is a reason we photograph, we may not always be sure why, but in that moment we feel the need to preserve a record of reality.

With that being said, I want to share with you my top Adventurous Instagrammers for 2014. Majority of those listed have some association with board culture (surf and snow), nature, and the overall laid back lifestyle. The reason I find them so intriguing is because their photos capture appreciation of the moment which inspires and motivates me to remain mindful and adventure out of my comfort zone.

1. Flickpalmateer
Felcity Palmateer is a pro surfer from Australia who is incredibly talented at drawing art, especially mandala prints. If you want to see images of the ocean and a laid back surf lifestyle, with an emphasis on creativity than be sure to check her out.

flick palm

2. wandertosea
This IGer is a nature adventurer who wanders from Hawaii to Yellowstone, stopping for a scenic yoga pose as she goes. If you appreciate nature, mountain views and yoga, then you will be sure to enjoy her posts popping up on your feed.


3. misshalimarie
Miss Hali Marie is my most recent IG find that I am currently loving. The majority of her posts feature the true beauty of the West Coast through the eyes of an adventurous hiker. The quality of her photos make nature lovers like myself quite eager to get back outside and enjoy all of the seasons.

miss hali marie

4. natemuskoka
As a seasoned cottager, I had to put a local Muskokan on this list. If you have never heard of Ontario’s cottage country, Muskoka, then you will be in for a treat with this IGer. Get ready for stunning sunsets, peaceful waters and the classic Canadian canoe trip.


5. izzimeowww
This girl right here lives the life of surf, yoga, board and repeat. Her photos capture her embracing the moment and living life in the now out on the west coast of Canada. Her focus on clean eating might also help with her amazingly fit body.


6. mountain_adventures
IGer Warren, shares his weekend adventures out in Washington State’s mountains. His summit views are outstanding and make you want to pack up your hiking shoes and head for the nearest trail with a stunning view.

mountain adventures

7. jennabeaann
Canadian Olympic snowboarder Jenna Blasman shares her world travels while training as a professional snowboarder. Her laid back Whistler lifestyle, motivational quotes, healthy eats and insane snowboard jumps, makes for an entertaining Instagram feed.


8. emilymmasse
Another great adventurer who enjoys hiking to panoramic views of aqua lakes, tall trees and majestic waterfalls.

emily masse

9. xococoho
Professional surfer from Hawaii, Coco Ho is a household name in the surf world. Her laid back surfer life showcases beautiful oceans, beaches, waves and of course her smiley personality.


10. instagramwhistler
If you want an depth look at one of the most magical places on Canada’s West Coast, then Instagramwhistler’s IG account will hit the spot. This professional photographer is able to capture the essence of Whistler throughout all four seasons making it hard for you to resist booking the next flight out to Van. If you are like me, waiting for vacation days, then this IG account will help subside your west coast cravings.

ig whistler

11. jamieanderson
USA gold medalist Olympic snowboarder, Jamie Anderson showcases her boarder lifestyle with her stunning photos training around the world, yoga poses and lots of action packed GoPro shots.


12. tayeg
My most recent IG discovery was tayeg’s account. She is a Canadian professional snowboarder who embraces the laid back boarder culture that includes a fondness for surf, yoga, travel and exploring. She also happens to be an incredible artist, often showcasing her commissioned pieces.



Please comment with your favourite Instagrammers, I love finding new people to follow!


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