5 Ways To Be Cozy

With fall winding down and the winter season upon us, the weather has begun occasionally sprinkling down snowflakes on a cold crisp morning. This change in season evokes the coziest of feelings where you just want to bundle up and hibernate in your house binge watching all of the latest series – Netflix anyone? So with that I have compiled the top 5 ways to make yourself feel cozy this winter.

  1. A great smelling candle. Invest in a well-made scented candle that can evoke the most nostalgic of memories. They say scents have the power to trigger memories, so use that to your advantage by triggering the things that make you happy. For example the smell of warm gingerbread cookies reminding you of Christmas, the smell of pine needles reminding you of a cozy cottage cabin or my personal favorite the smell of apple cinnamon because who doesn’t like homemade apple pies? I am currently loving the Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie™ scent, because the scent of freshly baked cookies always says cozy.
  1. A big giant mug. There is nothing like a big mug with a pretty design or inspirational saying that makes you appreciate the moment, check out my mug designs for some inspiration (Etsy page coming soon). Be sure to fill up your mug with something nice and hot! Hot chocolate is always a sure fire winner for feeling cozy.
  1. Expand your herbal tea collection. There are now so many different varieties of herbal tea out there, that it would be hard to claim you don’t drink it. I am a big fan of loose leaf tea and love trying out the sample boxes from David’s Tea, they currently have all of their Christmas sample gift boxes out, so it’s the perfect time to taste test.
  1. Cable Knitted socks. It’s hard to feel warm and cozy when your feet are cold! Find the coziest of socks or slippers that you can, so that when you slip them on, you know it’s time to relax.I really like these cable knitted boot socks from American Eagle in the cream colour, an added bonus is that they will look super cute peeking out from you Hunter Rain boots, Uggs or Sorrels.
  1. A good book. This is the final piece of the puzzle to ensuring your coziness level is at a full 5. Curling up with a good book under several layers of blankets with your candle lit, herbal tea in a big mug and warm cozy cable knitted socks is the definition of coziness don’t you think? I am currently reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl autobiography, any fan of the hit HBO series Girls will love the personal life accounts from Dunham as her quirkiness is strongly evident throughout the chapters.

I’d love to hear how you stay cozy? Comment with any recommendations on your favourite candles, teas and books for this winter season, it’s going to be a long one in Canada.

Have a happy and cozy Sunday!

Xo L


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