Are You There Blog World? It’s Me Lauren

After months of thought and internal debate, I finally took the plunge last night and made a blog. Now you may ask, what took me so long to do this? Well it all comes down to finding that inspiration that gives you the final nudge for motivation. Maybe that sentence doesn’t quite make sense, but please let me explain.

With a BA Honors in Popular Culture you can most certainly bet that I am no stranger to the world of social media. I had dabbled in Tumblr blogging from time to time, but hardly kept up the maintenance because in university your perfect excuse is “I don’t have time!” In retrospect I certainly did have time, I’d waste weekend’s binge watching The OC and recovering from the gnarly hangover caused by last night’s rowdy game of flip cup.

Upon graduation in summer of 2012, I treated myself to a six week west coast adventure with good friends. And that is where my love for Instagram intensified.  Banff, Jasper, Kelowna, Penticton, Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver were a scenic non stop world of natural beauty that can only be described as majestic. I had the perfect back drop for any photo, so of course my IG game stepped up a couple of notches. When I returned home I was in love with capturing the perfect photo, the photo that film theorist André Bazin so accurately describes as able to capture an imprint of reality…like footprints in the snow.


View from the summit at Sulphur Ridge in Jasper.321

With my love for Instagram I soon found myself scouring my IPhone religiously at all times of the day being inspired by the lives of other Instagrammers I had followed. Some were nature enthusiasts, some were professional surfers and some were my favourite brands with surfer laid back Cali vibes. Essentially, I’d look at photos and think wow I would love to be doing that, to be taking photos, to be writing content, to create the lifestyle brand.

Flash forward to September 2013-August 2014 where I completed a post grad in corporate communications, I now had the hard skills to back up my theoretical knowledge. As I carried out the final months in my communications internship I began to narrow in on popular fashion bloggers Instagrams. How did they do it? How do they get their photos to look so perfect? Wait… what they make money off this? So let’s just say I was INSPIRED and have begun setting up pretty blog photos…my quest for the perfect DLSR camera will soon commence.


And that’s where the inspiration starts, I began seeing creativity all around me. I began to apply my art skills to hand drawn mugs with inspirational quotes and positive sayings and even have my first craft sale coming up, because I decided the time is now to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do!

Recently I’ve crossed paths with those that are beginning to make their dreams a reality. I’ve met with old friends or heard stories about acquaintances that have taken action and become entrepreneurs, turning their hobbies into full time jobs, because these people are not afraid, they are inspired.

So my hopes with this blog is to inspire, to create, to motivate. And with that I say, “You know all those things you have always wanted to do? Well it is time for you to go do them”, because the time is now, and the positive vibes are flowing.

xo L

Ps. The first post is always the longest.


My inspiration, Raven Lake, Muskoka. The lake is always apart of me.



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